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Read a passage and draw conclusions. Materialtype: reading comprehension exercises. Read a passage and draw conclusions. The present downloadable teaching material is a great resource for elementary school at Upper-intermediate (B2) level.
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In this activity, students learn to use a graphic organizer to structure the process of drawing logical conclusions based on large quantities of information. It helps to guide students to make meaning out of information that might otherwise be overwhelming.
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1. Display the In Conclusion Introduction story (see Associated Files) on the overhead projector. 2. Read the story with the students and discuss what conclusions they could draw from the information they read. 3. Record their answers on the overhead. 4. There was a great article published recently on 10 pre-reading activities by Hall Houston Pre-reading activities can help the learner to be more prepared for what they are about to read. They are told the word and they have to draw that word. They are not allowed to use letters or numbers in their drawing.
Learn about drawing conclusions with free interactive flashcards. drawing conclusions. SETS. 16 terms. MARVIN_PUSPOKI1TEACHER. drawing conclusions.Please note that The Drawing Center will be closed Dec 25 - Jan 1. We will reopen on Saturday, Jan 2! Schedule your visit today →. If you agree to our use of cookies, please click accept message and continue to use this site. The drawing center.
Draw Conclusions and Make Inferences Drawing conclusions when reading is using what you know in your head and what you have read in the story to ˜gure out what will happen next. Making inferences when reading is using what you already know in your head and clues from the text to ˜gure out what will happen next. conclusion inference
• The Viewer is NOT allowed to see the drawing until the activity is complete. • The Listener stands in the Great Hall outside the galleries while the Viewer walks through an exhihbition pavilion and chooses an artwork. • Once the Viewer has chosen an artwork, he/she retrieves the Listenerfrom 1. Drawing Conclusions You can use clues found when reading words and looking at pictures. You use these clues with what you already know in real life to help you figure out something that is not written in a story. 2. You are in line in the canteen.
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