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Nuts sold as jam nuts are typically reduced height. This suggests to me that the engineers who can figure such things out have determined that for jam nut purposes (keeping another fastener from loosening) a full depth nut is not needed. This does support the point that less torque would be appropriate.
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Depending on the shaft size, torque will vary from maybe 40-50-ft lbs on a 1″ shaft to 100++++ of ft-lbs on a 2-1/2″ shaft. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes after the first tightening to allow the excess lubricant to hydraulic out of the fitting between the prop / key / nut / shaft, etc. I then retighten the big nut again.
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Stabilizer Bar Link Upper Nut. 75 ft-lbs. Stabilizer Bar Link Lower Bolt. 75 ft-lbs. Track Bar Frame Bracket Nut. 125 ft-lbs. Track Bar Axle Bracket Bolt. 125 ft-lbs. Hub/Bearing Bolts. 75 ft-lbs. Hub/Bearing Axle Nut. 100 ft-lbs. Jounce Cup Bolt. 31 ft-lbs. Drag link To Knuckle (Right Side) 55 ft-lbs. Drag link To Knuckle. 55 ft-lbs. Axle ...
Snug tight(no vertical play in anchor bushing assembly ) all (4) 1” jam nuts inside base arches using a 1-1/2” box end wrench, then tighten each jam nut another 1/4 turn for proper torque requirement. Note that the unit is not secured down and should be held while tightening hardware. Ear Base Arch Anchor Bushing Puck Truck Bed 1” Nut
Tighten the UPPER JAM NUT one full turn to raise the cylinder. Tighten the LOWER JAM NUT against the bracket. (See diagram below). Try to shake the mechanism, or take the coach on a test drive and listen for "rattle" in the mechanism. If needed, repeat the jam nut adjustments until the rattle is gone. Tighten this nut in the same way you would the smaller one. Use the pliers to hold the valve and the wrench to tighten the nut. Tighten it until the leak stops. Turn the water back on to check for leaks as needed. Take your time and be careful. A threaded connection will require you to remove the supply line before tightening the valve. Tighten jam nut (7) against each of the shock-absorber adjuster plates (6). NOTE. Make sure motorcycle is supported as lifting and securing devices are removed ... Use these tools to tighten Series 80 jam nuts. 1/4" or 3/8" square drive for use with torque wrenches. Heat-treated steel, nickel plated. Connector Holding Tool for Tightening Backshells and Accessories Shell Size Holding Tool Part Number (Add P or R) Series 800 Series 801 Series 803 Series 804 Series 805
3. While the shifter is being held in 1st gear place, use two wrenches to tighten the shift tube jam nuts. One wrench will hold the rear section of the shift shaft steady (the side going to the transaxle). The other wrench tightens the jam nut on the front section of the shaft.
STEP 5 Thread jam nut down adapter to the stock mirror mounting point. Finger tighten. PIC 3 PIC. 2 STEP 6 Holding the adapter with a wrench in adjusted position, tighten jam nut to the stock mirror mounting point. Left Side Mirror STEP 7 Place a drop of Red Loctite on the end of the adapter that threads into the mirror and thread the Definition of jam into in the Idioms Dictionary. jam into phrase. What does jam into expression mean? ... To drive or wedge something forcibly into a tight space ...
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